Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project was founded in 2001 by Twesigye Jackson Kaguri in response to the devastating effects of AIDS in his hometown in rural Uganda. The organization provides free education to children who have lost one or both parents to HIV/AIDS.

It has so far established three schools; Nyaka primary school, Kutamba primary school and Nyaka Vocational Secondary School with two public libraries; Nyaka Blue Lupin Library and Kutamba Blue Lupin Library and Mummy Drayton clinic.

The Foundation serves 7,007 orphaned children and 7,004 Grandmothers have accessed small loans, houses, latrines and kitchens. Hundreds of people employed full time, part-time, and through contracts. It also has 17 acres of farm.

Since 2001 when Nyaka AIDS Orphans was founded, Samuel Mugisha the founder and Managing Director of BIC Tours has been there for the Foundation up to date. He was the first volunteer coordinator when the first bricks were being carried to start Nyaka primary school in 2001, receiving visitors from the airport, booking for their inland transportation and accommodation.

When Sam started BIC Tours, the two organizations continued working together as partners. BIC TOURS became the main service provider for arranging flights, hotels and in-country transport for Nyaka staff, visitors, Volunteers and donors.

As part of BIC Tours’ eco-tourism services, BIC TOURS always include Nyaka in tourism promotion wherever we go and we implement tour packages that give an opportunity for our visitors to volunteer for Nyaka at the same time enjoy tourism in the nearest parks like Queen Elizabeth National Park and Gorilla tracking in Bwindi.

We have designed a special Nyaka – Enengo Hiking Trail package that takes visitors in the footsteps of the founders of Nyaka . During your visit, you will hike the Enengo gorge, cross river Mitano on a footbridge, visit a local homestead, learn how to cook the local food (such as Matoke), how to brew your own Ugandan alcohol from Bananas, and of course meet the local people and experience how they live day-to-day. You will be guided by trained local guides (some are students of Nyaka) who will accompany you and safely cross Mitano River on a foot bridge and hike the hilly but beautiful Enengo. Profits from the Enengo Trail (approximately $20 per person) will go towards supporting the Nyaka Community. This is a great opportunity to mix with local people and experience the true flavour of Uganda!

Our visitors also support Nyaka directly by buying craft souvenirs made by grannies, making cash and non cash contributions towards Nyaka project activities.

In 2012, BIC Tours started directly supporting Nyaka activities and offering a commitment to sponsor 2 Nyaka secondary students contributing $1,000 for 6 years from senior one up senior six (a total commitment of $6,000 donation). We continue to actively participate in the annual fundraising activities in Kampala that raise funds locally in Uganda to support Nyaka activities.

We hosted one of the Nyaka students who was doing internship at their head office in Kampala and we have always done so for many other Nyaka students and visitors in Kampala. We always provide the best sightseeing tours and safaris to Nyaka’s guests both in Rwanda and Uganda at very favorable rates.

BIC Tours cherishes this relationship and will continue promoting it to benefit generations.