During the harvest season in Uganda, there is a lot of fruits that many time go to waste for lack of a market to consume them. This is common in very many areas in Uganda. Many times, when the tourists come to Uganda they get a chance to taste these fruits and many wish to carry them to their home countries but it is hard. Fresh fruits have a short shelf life span and exporting them as a whole becomes expensive.

It is against this background that BIC Tours and Sulma Foods came into partnership to offer pineapples to tourists in small packages as souvenirs.

Sulmafoods has been in the business of exporting Ugandan grown food to the international market and this came in as an addition on their services.

Based in the Central region of Uganda, Sulma foods mainly works with the farmers in Luweero who harvest a lot of surplus food that they sell off. The food is processed and packaged before it is sent to the destined market.

Pineapples are the leading fruits grown in Luweero and come off as the best of the kind in the world over. Upon harvesting, the pineapples are chopped into slices and dried in the organic form. They are then packed in packs of 100 grams.

The packs are given out to the tourists as they go around their trips within the country. Should the tourist be interested to carry some of the slices back home, they are availed to them at a relatively cheaper price. The packs are made in such a way that they can easily be carried.

No flavor or preservative is added to the pineapples to keep their natural smell and taste. So far, the pineapple slices are only available to BIC Tours clients. However, the company is open to any other interested tour operator who would be interested in giving out this souvenir as a marketing tool for the company.

The pineapple slices come second to the Big Gorilla Coffee that is produced by the Kyagalanyi coffee processors.