I love my cup of coffee. And I love it hot. I love it more when it is naturally and originally brewed from the land. The challenge with a hot cup of coffee is that it comes off with such an inviting aroma that invades your nostrils causing a ramble within your intestines. Or at times, it comes off so naively before the sight of your eyes with a piteous look that calls for help. That is the trouble with coffee. You never get enough of it. It becomes worse if at all your tongue has tasted the roast brown coffee beans. The severing goes on like a meditation session.


Different companies and organizations have come up to standardize the packaging of coffee to make it suitable for both international and local markets. Coffee has come nearer to us than before. It stands tall in supermarket shelves and in coffee shops where it is served at a snap of a finger.


Enter Samuel Mugisha aka Sam. He is the Managing Director of Bic Tours Limited, a tours and travel company based in Kampala, Uganda. Sam’s Bic Tours is not one of your ordinary tours and travel company. It is different.


As a tour operator, BIC Tours specializes in Japanese tourism. Having stayed and worked in Japan, Samuel emerges as a fluent speakerof Japanese language. This helps him stand out as 80% of his clients are from Japan.


In the operation of his business, Bic Tours believes in giving back to its clientele. As a result, he thought of something unique that could be offered to their clients. “We wanted something that people would eat and have a true filling of Uganda,” says Sam. Many of the tourists go to craft villages where they get a number of African branded items. The same items in Uganda, chances are, are the same items in craft markets across the East African Region. It is important to give the tourists ‘something Ugandan’.


Bic Tours together with Kyagalanyi coffee, the makers of the Big Gorilla coffee partnered to give out this coffee as a souvenir to the tourists. The brands of both companies are stuck on the black 250grams packaging that is distributed out.


On top of the coffee, Bic Tours has partnered with Sulma Foods to produce Pinneaple Slices. These are pieces of Ugandan grown pineapples that are sun dried and packed for consumption with all their organic components well preserved and no flavor added. Uganda has one of the best organic pineapples in the world. This too is added on the list of souvenirs given to the tourists.


Samuel is optimistic that many other tour operators will, with time, come to appreciate such a gesture and extend the service to the tourists who come to Uganda.

Gorilla coffee in particular is made from Ugandan grown coffee and comes with a rich aroma from the land where the Gorillas are found. The pineapples are also grown in the central region of Uganda. As the government promotes BUBU, Gorilla coffee and pineapple slices come in as one of the alternatives that you can have for yourself and loved ones from your nearest supermarket. You do not need to first be a tourist to enjoy the pearl that Uganda is.